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Clinch Valley Community Action, Inc.

1379 Tazewell Avenue
North Tazewell, VA 24630

(276) 988-5583

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(276) 988-5583

Who We Are

Clinch Valley Community Action offers a Homeless Prevention Program that seeks to prevent the displacement of individuals and families from their homes as a result of eviction or foreclosure, assist homeless individuals and families in securing permanent housing and provide training and education component to ensure self-sufficiency. Shelter may also be provided under the Family Crisis Services.

Applicants must :

  • be in imminent danger of losing their home or apartment through eviction;
  • be in imminent danger of displacement if in temporary housing;
  • be in a temporary financial crisis due to an unavoidable circumstance such as a temporary illness, job layoff, loss of daycare or transportation for employment, delay in the approval of benefits, homelessness or domestic violence;
  • have been self-sufficient prior to their crisis and the crisis must not be chronic;
  • have total income that does not exceed the HUD mandated lower income limits in the area where they reside;
  • have exhausted their own resources and all others available.

Who We Serve

Languages Spoken
Service Area(s)
Russell County
Tazewell County

Cost & Payment Methods

Fee Structure
No Fee

Age Requirements
No Age Requirement

Intake Process
Call the office or use the email contact form on the website.
Intake Contact Telephone
(276) 988-5583

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