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Guard Yourself Against Scammers Impersonating VA

Scammers often send official-looking posts or emails trying to hijack your personal information and steal your benefits as well as health care and other identifying information. Learn about precautions you can take to guard your benefits.Have you received an email, text or seen a social media post that says something like “Now Hiring,” “Get your VA Benefits,” or “How to Apply for VA Disability,” but after clicking, brings you to a website?

It might look official—and even include the VA seal or logo—but unless the image or post links to a .gov official website (like or or official social media channels, it’s not from VA. You want to be cautious about clicking on such posts and ads that appear to come from VA, and you want to be extra cautious about sharing any personal information.

Scammers often put out this type of post or send such emails looking to hijack your highly coveted personal information. They target Veterans particularly to try to steal your benefits as well as health care and other personally identifiable information.

Companies or groups misrepresenting themselves as VA are also frequent culprits. They misuse the VA logo and seal to catch your attention and take advantage of your trust, often collecting your personal information to get sales leads or build their mailing lists and followers.

Take these precautions

Whether it’s a scammer or a company trying to get your personal information, it’s best to ignore these kinds of posts. Even for legitimate companies offering to help you “Apply for VA Benefits Online,” be on guard against sharing your personal information or paying a fee for these services. Applying for VA health or benefits is free, and you can do this directly at If you choose to work with a Veterans Service Organization (VSO), verify their official accreditation first by using the VA Office of General Counsel accreditation tool before filing any claim or providing personal information.  

One more note of caution: Misleading ads are not just misrepresenting VA. They’re also out there misrepresenting other agencies, such as the U.S. Postal Service, Transportation Security Administration and Social Security Administration. It’s important to make it a habit to always verify you’re interacting with a .gov website, whether filing a VA claim or checking the USPS tracking status of that product you just bought from eBay.

Stay on guard!

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