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The Hope Fund for Critical Financial Assistance

Now, hope is never lost.

Too many caregivers are on the brink of homelessness and hunger or struggle to pay bills, due to joblessness, underemployment, unexpected care costs, and unpredictable benefits.

We’ve teamed with Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation to provide military caregivers with financial relief grants to get them back on track.

Critical financial assistance for military and veteran caregivers

Hope fund critical financial assistance


The Hope Fund for Critical Financial Assistance will provide financial relief to all eras of military and veteran caregivers through grants that aim to put military families on the path to financial wellness. These grants provide high-impact financial assistance to prevent or address a significant crisis or to improve the quality of life of the caregiver family. This financial relief fills the gaps that other programs may not cover, such as medical bills, natural disaster assistance, transportation for appointments, or loss of income.

Caregivers who would benefit from assistance are strongly encouraged to apply. Please do not suffer through hardship when help is available.

A Path Toward Financial Wellness

The Hope Fund provides much-needed aid for the caregiver, the care receiver, and their family. Life happens and unexpected costs come up. The uncertainty of a sound financial future should not add to the stress of being a caregiver.

Every caregiver who applies for this program, regardless of whether or not you receive a grant, will be offered additional support, referrals, and access to other benefits available through the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s holistic financial wellness program. It’s our mission to propel caregivers like you on a well-supported path to financial wellness.

>> Go to the Hope Fund for Critical Financial Assistance webpage

>> Learn more about the Hope Fund Details and how to apply now!

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