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Ohana Homefront Foundation: Virginia Counselor Search and Events

Calling all Licensed Mental Health Counselors!!

Military families deal with unique challenges and sacrifices while serving their country. Ohana Homefront Foundation helps service members, veterans, their families, and anyone that is, and has been, within the military community work through the mental stressors of military life.

Ohana Homefront Foundation is looking for Counselors, in every state wanting to give back to the Military Community to join our Ohana Homefront Foundation Mental Health Team.

You must possess an active license, excellent organizational skills, and ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The goal is to ensure that our organization is always sharing our mission throughout the world and to end the stigma surrounding mental health and the talk of suicide!

► Go to or feel free to email to learn more

Military Community Health Town Hall Events

Ohana Homefront Foundation

The Ohana Homefront Foundation is working to close the gap when it comes to Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention within the Military Community!

For more information about the Ohana Homefront Foundation go to


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